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Welcome to Johns garden in north west England. We have now moved house and are busy setting up a new garden. It is a new build house and when we arrived 3 months ago it was a typical small back garden with poor soil full of boulders. We improved the soil with some compost from the old garden and some soil improver, layed some turf and cut some borders out which we edged with fence posts. The new garden is about 10 metres long by 10 metres wide. Although our area is not famous for its fine weather the new garden faces south and therefore obtains maximum benefit from the available sunshine. The garden has been planted initially with easy maintainence, perennial planting with some dahlias and begonias to give some instant colour. we have also put in some Lavatera bushes raised from cuttings to give more colour and some height. I will update the site with new photos as we develop the garden. For now I have put some pictures in the link below. I have removed most of the pictures of the old garden as it is not ours any more. I have left the snow scenes as they are a one off and have left the greenhouse pictures for interest.


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Winter - greenhouse

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Pictures I have taken on visits to some much grander gardens than mine. All of the gardens have extensive plant collections and I can recommend them to any keen, or not so keen, gardener. I have included links to the gardens on these pages.

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