Barbara Kane

This website is dedicated to my wife Barbara Kane. Barbara died peacefully on 2nd January 2001 having been diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years earlier. Barbara was a remarkable woman and she showed that with determination, courage, willpower and the outstanding medical care of the local doctors and the Christie Hospital, Manchester it is possible to have a full and happy life whilst living with a diagnosis of cancer. We had some wonderful times and holidays after she was diagnosed and she especially enjoyed and loved the trips we had to Barbados. Barbara was not a keen gardener and, in fact, her favorite garden tool was the green sunbed that can be seen on some of the photographs. However she loved being in the garden and looking at the flowers and shrubs and even more loved entertaining family and friends to barbeques and drinks in the garden which, in reality, is what a garden is really for. Barbara was an outstanding example to anyone living with cancer and her family, friends and myself will always remember her.

For anybody who is living with cancer or has friends /family with the disease I am putting together a few links to sites which may be helpful. Click here to see the list.

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