Hardy Fuchsia

These plants are very good for late summer and autumn colour in the garden. They are very reliable and easy to look after and usually flower from July to the first frosts. I give them a tidy up in Autumn but leave most of the stems on over winter to protect the plants from frost. I then prune in March taking the stems nearly back to ground level. I propogate by taking cuttings in September and keeping them in the greenhouse over winter (they do not need a lot of heat-just kept frost free when rooted). I then plant out new plants in May to give them the whole summer to get established before winter.


The red and white variety in the upper picture is called "Snowcap" and I think that the white plant is called "Mont Blanc" but I am not sure. Both of these were listed as "borderline hardy" when I bought them but have survived many winters in the garden. The pink leaved variety in the lower picture is "Fuchsia magellanica gracilis 'versicolor'. This is a very pretty and tough plant but I have found it a little bit more difficult to raise from cuttings so I take plenty in the Autumn.

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