Greenhouse - summer

This is the inside of the small greenhouse in summer containing a mixture of bougainvillia, fuchsias, geranium, hibiscus, oleander and abutilon. The greenhouse is attached to the house and faces south so gains maximum benefit from the available sunshine. I keep this greenhouse at 4 degrees C over winter and all the plants seem happy at this temperature. Most of the plants do not stay in flower and in fact the bougainvillia, fuchsias and abutilons tend to lose most of their leaves during the winter. It is best therefore to keep the plants relatively dry over the winter months but I try not to let them dry out completely as it can then be difficult to get them started again in spring.

The triphylla Fuchsias in the picture above are very good inside or out but they are definitely not hardy and I always bring a plant of each variety into the greenhouse for the winter and take cuttings in spring. The variety in the foreground is called Thalia. The variegated triphylla Fuchsia behind this is very pretty. The plant came as a cutting from my dads garden and I am afraid that I do not know its name.


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