The threat of frosts is now over so now is the time to put half hardy annuals/perennials outside. However late May this year was mostly very dull and this is continuing into June so I have kept hanging baskets and tubs under cover for a few weeks longer than normal to try and give them a good start for the summer. I find that the more plants you can get into flower in a basket before putting it outside (especially in cold/wet conditions) the better is the performance over the summer months. I do not have the annual chore of clearing out beds for summer annuals as the whole garden consists of perennial planting but I like to dot a few annuals in the borders to give some extra colour during the summer months.My main job in the garden in June is to go round twice a week with a pair of clippers and cut back overgrowing plants which are threatening to cover their more timid neighbours. At the same time I try to keep up with weeding as borders can soon become overgrown at this time of year. I find that the gravel on the alpine borders and a covering of bark/conifer shreddings on some of the other borders helps tremendously in keeping down weeds and makes them easier to pull out when they do appear. The other important job in summer (if the weather allows) is of course to set up a table and chairs and a glass or two of Shiraz and enjoy the garden.

Hardy geraniums in the perennial border in June. These are very easy to look after, easy to propagate (just pull off pieces and replant) and are very hardy.

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