I have included a few pictures of the new garden when we started in spring. We had been here about a year by then and had  made good progress with improving the clay and boulder soil that you get with new build properties. I dont have room for a full compost bin but have got a wormary where the kitchen waste goes and so far it has made many trays of rich compost that I have added to the soil.


These images show the side borders. On the left near the patio we planted fragrant shrubs. The yellow one is a Cytisus and the white one behind it is a Choisya. The Magnolia at the end of the border was taken from our old garden and has done well. We  put some wires agaist the walls and are training some climbers up these to give some height to the garden.


The Acers were transported from the old garden and with some careful watering over summer have done really well. Behind aginst the wall on the right is a Wisteria we have had a few years now and are still waiting for a flower. We have planted a few small trees in the garden to try to get a bit of height. The one behind the Acer on the left is a flowering Cherry (Prunus). I aim to keep on top of the pruning of the trees as in a small garden they can easilly overgrow their space.

This Magnolia has again taken really well and has flowered beautifully this year.

Here are a few more pictures now that the garden has had another year or so to mature



As you can see the climbers have matured really well and are starting to cover the walls on both side of the garden. One of the Wisteria plants has now flowered after a few years and looks really good with the purple Clematis scrambling through it. I hope for more flowers in the years to come


The houses at the bottom of the garden have now been completed so we have planted some small trees to give a bit of cover. The are a couple of Maples, a Rowan, a Flowering Cherry and an Ornamental Willow. All of these are relatively small trees but I will be careful with how high I let them grow so that they do not block the sunlight into the garden.


Both of these Clematis have flowered really well this year. I know that the Clematis Montana on the left can get very rampant if left so I am pruning it very carefully.



The Japenese Maples are again giving a good show. I have lost a few branches off both of these but have carefully pruned out all of the dead wood so that they still look good. I have fed them with some ericaceous fertiliser and have dug in plenty of compost around them to try and get some good growth. The bright yellow leaved plant in the top right hand picture is a Dicentra. This came from the old garden and has has taken really well. The blue shrub in the bottom picture is a Caenothus (Californian Lilac) which has done really well against the fence. This is a tall variety. You can buy dwarf bush varieties as well.


These really colourful plants are Alliums. I planted the bulbs in the autumn last year and they are looking really good now. The ones on the right look really good with some yellow Poppies.

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